The History of the Origin of the Sicbo Casino Game

alldidigames – The history of the game SICBO, SIC BO is better known by the terms or names TAI SAI, DAI SIU, or TASIAU. SIC BO is a type of game that only uses simple media, namely dice. Whereas in Western countries, the term SICBO game is better known as Big and Small (HI-LO). Whereas in Indonesia the term SIC BO is often known or called Koprok Dadu.

It is known from several observers of the SICBO game, SICBO itself is a traditional game originating from the Bamboo Curtain country (CHINA). It is also known that this type of game was the most popular type of game among emperors during the past Chinese dynasties. The entire circle of the Emperor is said to have played this game when they felt bored or had some free time. However, even though it was said that the Emperor or nobles at that time, could not do anything related to the game, because it could damage their image in society that he himself led.

History of Sicbo Casino Games in the World

As reported by several expert sources, SICBO began exploring America in the 20th century BC, brought in by immigrants of Chinese nationality who finally decided to settle in America. At first it was known that the control rhythm of the SICBO game only used two dice as the medium. However, over time, the concept of the SICBO game changed to three dice which were used as the medium.

Meanwhile, how to play it can be said to be quite simple, namely the three dice will be placed in a simple place such as a container or bowl, then closed and shaken. And this is an opportunity for the players to guess the total value of the numbers that will appear when the container or bowl is opened. The number of numbers that appear will result in the victory or defeat of each player who takes part in the game.

The whole community knows that each dice has 6 sides which are equipped with the numbers 1 to 6. The six sides of these numbers will be an opportunity to guess the number that you post, so you also have the chance to win in the game. game. The value of the three dice starts from the smallest sum, namely 3 (first dice 1, second dice 1, third dice 1), while the largest number is 18 (first dice 6, 1 on the third dice). 6 on the second die, 6 on the third).

It is said that your chance of winning is the probability of the number that will appear when the dice has been tossed and rolled. However, there are actually many unique rules for the SIC BO game. You are not only required to guess the number of numbers that will appear, but you can also guess whether what appears is an even or odd number or twin numbers.

The uniqueness of even, odd or twin numbers, will be accompanied by the term “Kei Money” which you will pay to the dealer if you lose the dice shuffling round. Therein lies the advantage of the SIC BO game. In essence, you will pay “Kei Money” if you lose and vice versa, you are not allowed to pay “Kei Money” if you win.

If seen from the explanation above, the details of the SIC BO game system are very easy. Therefore, the SIC BO game has gone global, from children to the elderly. This game is also known as a game that can be played from roadside locations to luxurious locations such as casinos. However, from this game, there is a saying that is quite unique, namely “rushing will lead astray, otherwise slow but sure”.

The most important thing about the SIC BO game is that you really have to understand all the basics of this game. You have to master your own emotions when placing small or big bets. You have to remember this because it is not easy to generate millions of rupiah or billions of rupiah in coffers from Toto HK Keluaran gambling.