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Rules For Playing Casino Dragon Tiger Online

alldidigames – Dragon tiger online casino gambling game is actually easy to play, it’s just that you have to know what the correct rules for playing dragon tiger are. This type of game is almost the same as the easy-to-play baccarat game. Because this online game only guesses Dragon or Tiger and has the highest card in this game.

This game also only uses 1 set of playing cards, just like other casino online games. The highest card in the Dragon Tiger online casino game is the King card and the lowest card is the Ace.

This game is very easy to understand and also very easy to play for beginners. In this article, we will discuss how to play and also the rules for playing Dragon Tiger so that you can clearly understand how to play this online casino game.

How to play Dragon Tiger casino

  • You can place a bet by owning Dragon or Tiger.
  • The dealer will distribute 1 card to each player who places a bet on the Dragon and Tiger positions.
  • The player who wins in this game is the player with the highest score.
  • The highest card is K (King) and the lowest is Ace (Ace) in the order: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace.
  • The calculation of winning on this bet is 1:1, for example you place 50 thousand rupiah, then you will also get a win of 50 thousand rupiah.
  • If you place a Draw bet, the winning amount is 1:8. For example, if you place a bet of 300 thousand rupiah, then you will get a win of 2.4 million rupiah.

Dragon Tiger Casino Rules

1. Yellow Card
In Dragon Tiger casino game, the last card played will be marked with a yellow card or dealer cut. If the yellow card on 2 cards is face down, it will be the last card, and if the game is over and the yellow card has been discarded it will go to the next game.

2. Open Card
In this game there are types of open cards or burnt cards which do not really affect this game. In any game, if a card is hit even slightly, it can result in a busted hand and shoe. The dealer will take strict action against players who reveal cards during shuffling.

3. Card Distribution Error
If an error occurs in the distribution of cards, a correction will be made because in this game the dealer has the authority to cancel and correct the results of the wrong card holder. It all depends on the situation, that the system has a policy to cancel or continue the game.

4. Accidental Opening of Cards
If during the game any card is accidentally exposed, then that card will be considered as a burnt card. If 2 or more cards make a mistake during the draw, it will return to the card game rules and the shoe will be cancelled.

In the Dragon Tiger game there are several types of bets that you can make on a trusted PIALASPORT casino site, namely:

  1. Dragon : You bet on a dragon card which has a greater value than Tiger.
  2. Tiger: You bet on a Tiger card whose value is greater than the Dragon card.
  3. Tie: You bet on Dragon and Tiger cards that have the same value.
  4. B (Big) on the Dragon card: You place a bet with a large value on the Dragon card (8-13).
  5. S (Small) on Dragon cards: You place bets with small values on Dragon cards (1-6).
  6. B (Big) on the Tiger card: You place a bet with a large value on the Tiger card (8-13).
  7. S (Small) on the Tiger card: You place a bet with a small value on the Tiger card (1-6).

Those are the rules and how to play Dragon Tiger on the best IDNlive site you can find. Maybe this article can help you a little in understanding the game Dragon Tiger.