Fantan Casino Online Betting Types and How to Play

alldidigames – Fantan casino online game is a traditional game that became popular among the Chinese community in the 19th century. At that time this game was played using 1 small bowl, 1 large bowl, 200 buttons and 1 wooden stick as a game tool.

Fantan Casino aims to guess the last remaining button in the group as many as possible with 4 buttons each. Generally, the game Fan Tan itself is popular among the people. However, this time the online FanTan casino game is slightly different, namely the tools used to play it, but the system and how to play it are not much different from that time.

The Fantan casino game does not have a clear history, but in the past this game was often played on the market in a simpler way, because bettors only used pebbles as a playing tool. At first FanTan can use anything to play with such as new small pebbles, beads and other seeds. This game can be said to be very unique and simple, but along with the times, this game has also developed very rapidly.

For now, you can find this game easily on trusted gambling game sites that are widely circulating on the internet. So you can play this game anytime and anywhere for free. In this judi togel  game there are four colors namely red, yellow, green and white and each has a number. Where white has number 1, green has number 2, yellow has number 3 and red has number 4.

Fantan Casino Online Betting Types

There are several types of betting options in the Fantan casino online gambling game, including the following:

1. Fan Bet
This includes single bets. Where players place bets on one of the numbers in the game. For example, one of the players bets on number 2, while the result that comes out is on numbers 1, 3 or 4, then the player will definitely lose. Because at the beginning of the game players place bets on number 2.

2. Shen Sam Hong Bet
For this type of bet there are 3 numbers. For example, you are a player who places bets on numbers 1, 2 and 3. If the number that comes out of this game is 4 then you lose. Meanwhile, if the numbers that come out are 1, 2 and 3 then you are declared the winner.

3. Kwok Bet
This is a combination of two numbers, because players will place bets with 2 combinations of numbers. Just like the type of fan bet, if the numbers or results that come out don’t match the numbers we put, we will definitely lose.

4. Nim Bet
Including two-number bets, where players bet on numbers 1 and 2. Same as the type of bet above, if the result that comes out doesn’t match the number you posted, you lose. Whereas if number 1 comes out, it is certain to win. It’s another case if the number 2 comes out it will be considered a push.

5. Nga Bet
This includes the 3 number bet in the FanTan game. But for this bet one number is a push. Example: Game numbered 1, 2, 3. If the result is 4 then the player is deemed to have lost. But if the result is between 1 and 2, then the player wins. Whereas if the result is 3 then this is considered a push. As an example :

  • 3 4 Nga Tan: Players who bet on the number 3 4 will be declared the winner, 2 will be declared a push/draw, then 1 will be considered a loser.
  • 1 4 Nga Tan: Players who bet on numbers 1 4 will be declared the winner, 3 will be declared a push/draw, then 2 will be considered a loser.
  • 1 2 Nga Tan : Players who bet on numbers 1 and 2 will be declared the winner, number 4 will be declared a push/draw. Whereas with a number of 3, you will be considered a loser.

How to Play Fantan Casino Online

In Fantan casino online game, play starts with a small bowl, sticks and buttons. Then the dealer will use a small bowl to randomly select buttons on the table. Then the players are invited to place or place bets on the table and then the dealer will open a small bowl that already contains buttons and separate the buttons one by one from the existing sticks.

After the game starts, players are prohibited from placing bets. To play the game, the dealer will stir up what is available and collect it in a large bowl. To determine the winner of the bet, the idn live casino agent will count the buttons in the small bowl. Where will be arranged in a row, for 1 line there are 4 buttons. Insufficient remaining buttons will determine the winning result.